Life Ready Health Group is a collective of Health brands built to unite a range of complimentary allied health services under a singular movement. We do this by providing our corporate engine and technology platform that enables their expertise to be shared, scaled and optimised.

Our approach enables efficient operations, scalable infrastructure, accelerated growth and optimised procedures, otherwise unachievable when going it alone. With Life Ready, partners have larger scale, lower costs, more support, access to capital, larger top line revenue (via corporate contracts and marketing engine) and a community of peer mentors.

The Life Ready Business Platform & System

HR & Culture

The Life Ready HR technology is an A to Z employee lifecycle platform built on the strength of our culture. Through it, we track and monitor every employee from recruitment, and manage hiring, KPIs, staff satisfaction and benchmarked happiness scores.

Marketing acquisition

We boast one of the most sophisticated marketing engines in the country built around a compelling brand that grows with every year. The Life Ready marketing approach is quantitative, proprietary and built on technology optimisation by a world-class team. We measure month on month ROI with pinpoint precision.

Business Coaching

Life ready offers regular business coaching from the best to ensure local partners can achieve both business and personal goals.

Coaching & mentors

Life Ready's success is built on people. Our mentoring program invites staff to actively engage with a community of highly specialised experts ready to help them improve in every way.

Brand Awareness

Life Ready's brand is already among the most reputable in the industry and we invest into growing it every day. It starts from a place of authenticity. Our values drive our brand and our mission is the message.

Staff training & PD

The way we train staff is different to the norm as it’s customised to their bespoke goals and needs. KPIs are built around finding ways to converge personal goals and lifestyle preferences with company mission and business performance. The Life Ready clinical team is led by our clinic director ensuring that improvement and development programs are in place for every specialty and sub group.

Company events

Being a part of Life Ready is not just about the work - it's about togetherness, and this is showcased during our company events. These are run regularly and where possible, open to families. While we pride ourselves on technological innovation, it's the ongoing softer touch commitments such as company events and leadership retreats that we find make the biggest difference.

Peer group mentoring

Life Ready leaders participate in monthly peer groups to share improvements, experiences and challenges. Facilitated through a structured peer-group program.

IT & Technology

A stable, well managed and lightning fast IT infrastructure is the backbone of our technology centric business model. Plug and play, ready to go and with the value of enterprise grade roll outs, Life Ready’s technology setup is central to our success with built in compliance and nationally benchmarked cybersecurity policies.


Strong procurement relationships, a dedicated procurement manager and internal online ordering makes equipment and product ordering easy, completely managed and at the industry's most competitive rates, using group buying power.

Interiors / Fit out

The Life Ready experience stands out in the industry because we bring on only the best, using some of the world's most renowned interior designers and creatives to help us re-imagine the health experience.

Compliance & Governance

Pre-built and ready to go, Life Ready's documentation suite is full of compliance and governance documentation that drives our world-class and industry-appropriate compliance standards.

Corporate contracts

The Life Ready group offering is compelling and our corporate contracts deliver business to each of our brand arms on a daily basis. It also creates opportunity for further growth as we engage national programs that require reach to communities across Australia.

Access to capital / funds

Strong banking relationships and a strong balance sheet position enables Life Ready to power growth and enable each of our partners with safety, resilience and professional financial reporting.

Leadership pipeline

The Life Ready leadership pipeline empowers staff to build their bespoke career pathway and leaders to feel confident there's a program in place to develop their star performers. The leadership pipeline program takes a new intake bi-annually, hand picked by the leaders on the ground.

Social impact strategy

Some of our most exciting initiatives have a social impact angle, including our open house program, offering services to those under financial hardship at no cost. Our regular social impact programs give our people the opportunity to give back and pursue their passions, and drive us forward on the journey to being responsible brand citizens.

Corporate Strategy

Everything we do works towards our corporate strategy, set by our board of directors and executed by the team in the business. This keeps the team aligned, focused and clear on go-to-market activity.

Customer experience

We've spent years of weekly tweaking, systematising and documenting what the LIfe Ready customer experience looks and feels like - It's measured through KPIs and each person is held accountable to the part they play. It’s what has contributed to a group wide NPS (Net promoter score) of 88.1.

Telehealth infrastructure

With the ability to service patients anywhere, our enterprise-grade telehealth infrastructure is accessible and utilised across our corporate offering, NDIS (where needed) and in clinic for the times where coming into the clinic is not possible. With over 3 years of operation and tens of thousands of appointments already completed, Life Ready telehealth is proven and reliable.

Accounting & structure

From structural advice to financial strategy guidance, every one of our businesses enjoys the power of a finance team with a vested interest in driving your success. Reporting templates, technology metrics and online access are facilitated through regular financial strategy meetings.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Run in house and consistent to Life Ready standards, we maintain and manage all books and accounts for every one of our businesses.


Besides the ever-growing pool of potential recruits who are eager to work at Life Ready, our recruitment processes and systems handle the entire hiring process from role description writing to personality profiling, testing and the onboarding journey. It's consistent, on-brand and based on global recruitment standards.

Cash flow forecasting

Running a business is hard - We've had a lot of practice and the Life Ready group finance team runs budgeting, cashflow forecasting and actuals reporting for each of our locations and businesses, weekly and monthly.

Legal help

Ready-to-go legal templates, on-call legal support and the experience of a mature business who has been through many seasons ensures there's help if and when you need it.

Technology online learning

The Life Ready online learning platform is a powerful and proprietary built collection of videos, articles, walk-throughs and on-call video support from senior practitioners at any time.

Our Leadership Team

Ben Trinh


Jessica Ellison


Mark Cartoon


Janelle Mann

Head of Business Improvement

Jakub Chudy

National Head of Clinics

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